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Mayan Calendar End Date: Meter to Measure Conscious Evolution

Just Another Failed Prediction 

The mysterious end of the Mayan Calendar came and went. The Earth still spins. We haven’t blown ourselves up. Meteors or sun flares didn’t roast us. Aliens didn’t attack nor did a rogue planet rip the electromagnetic grid, scorching the atmosphere. Luckily the End-of-the-world fear mongers are dismayed as once again destructive prophecies unsuccessfully came to pass. Doomsday documentaries and Hollywood films such as 2012 only exasperated the anxiety of this end-date prediction. Even disbelievers wondered what could come to pass during this time.

The Mayan Prophecy appears to be just another failed prediction of the end that has come and gone. Although, there are many who believe that something fantastic has occurred. It has been said that it marks the end of a grand cosmic cycle and a new beginning of an age of awakening. The measurement to conclude such an event has unfolded is the fact that doomsday was averted. Sure the end came to those trapped in mudslides, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, wars, etc. There is always an end to everything, but with that there is always a beginning after the end. Cycles and patterns repeat over again.

Perhaps a Shift Occurred in Human Consciousness

It appears the indigenous cultures may have known a major shift in consciousness was to arise at the end of this cosmic cycle. Where perceptions and awareness revolutionize the way we think, feel and create.

Black Elk (Oglala Tribe) 1863-1950, once shared his wisdom about the circle. “You have noticed that everything an Indian does is in a circle, and that is because the Power of the World always works in circles, and everything tries to be round. The Sky is round, and I have heard that the earth is round like a ball, and so are all the stars. The wind, in its greatest power, whirls. Birds make their nest in circles, for theirs is the same religion as ours.”

Ian Xel Lungold stated that the Maya did not measure physical cycles, they measured consciousness cycles. It was used as a meter to keep track of the flow, rate and intent of creation. He continued to share that only one law exists in the Universe,“what you pay attention to you become conscious of.”

The Staircase of Conscious Evolution 

The current Gregorian calendar used as the center of our civilization dominates our present consciousness by measuring the physical objects moving through space. Just as the Gregorian calendar ends on December 31 and begins on January 1, so does the Mayan calculation roll over into the next baktun, 394.26 years of 13 baktuns to equal one world age cycle 5,125.36 years. Unless we become a modern Mayan Long Count scholar the calculations can be difficult to grasp the pattern.
Carl Calleman, Ph. D., understood that the Maya knew the world was much older than 5,125 years. That a series of creation cycles exist within the entire Great Cycle and 9 levels of consciousness and 13 periods are in each level. Each cycle then becomes 20 times shorter from the one upon which it was built. Creating a spiral or coil tightening the closer it comes to the 9th step. Adding to the impression that time feels like it’s speeding up. This is why the Mayan’s built their pyramids with 9 steps. From the base to the top as the steps become smaller. Each step is then subdivided into 13 individual sections of the 9 Underworlds of Day and Night; the waking and sleeping or confusion and enlightenment. The 9 Underworlds are stages in the development of ascended consciousness that shape an ebb and flow of cycles moving consciousness forward to be squeezed tightly and expand outwardly into the next grand cosmic cycle.

“The Mayan calendar is thus a spiritual device that enables a greater understanding of the evolution of consciousness driving human history and the concrete steps we can take to align ourselves with this cosmic evolution toward Enlightenment.” Carl Calleman, Ph.D.

He continues to explain that the 9 steps are like a staircase moving us toward the top of this ‘wave movement’ of conscious evolution. What comes after all the steps have been completed at the end of the calendar is a greater expansion to live more freely. That at the end of the calendar date the future is left a mystery but the shift in consciousness allows more freedom to construct greater possibilities.

Thoughts and Feelings Create Reality

Gregg Braden investigates scientific evidence to explain that the 2012 date is a rare and powerful window to emerge with greater potential. It is our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that will direct the destiny of another 26,000 stair step of conscious evolution. Greg Braden states:

“Through the connection that joins all things, scientists have shown that the ‘stuff’ that the universe is made of—waves and particles of energy—responds and conforms to the expectations, judgments and beliefs that we create about our world.”

Braden describes that our physical bodies are made of a liquid crystal and acts as a biological computer which programs every cell in the body. The consciousness is the encoding language as thought encodes emotion which influences DNA patterns that entrain light particles. Therefore, emotions shape the reality in which we exist since everything is made out of light at the sub-atomic level. Our thoughts and feelings create the reality that behaves in accordance to thoughts, attitudes and beliefs from the expectations of the observer.

Truth and Integrity Directs the Next Cosmic Cycle

The Maya said that when December 21, 2012 arrives then all things that are not done with integrity would collapse. Religions, governments, schools, institutions, personal life choices would all begin to crumble. Leaving the eye of the beholder to believe if the end is really at hand. The Maya stated that no more secrets could be concealed and what is unknown would be known. The word apocalypse means “the great revealing.” Not necessarily a catastrophe or day of reckoning.

It comes to light that we decide for ourselves how to create with purpose and integrity in order to exist in our personal truth for the next grand cosmic cycle. If the Maya were correct in their calculating conscious evolution than we have been birthed into a reality where the impossible now seems to be possible.

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