Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Want to Write a Book!

After reading the last page of a famous Vampire book series, suddenly I thought, “I want to write a book!”  So I began jotting down notes and ideas in a notebook...road maps of this story hastily scribbled.  The floodgates opened and each chapter built onto the other.  It wasn’t until I reached the middle of the book that I could see the end of my story developing. 
During the entire sixteen months of writing, I lived inside my visions, developing character, reviewing years of study, and learning how to become a better writer.  Thankfully, my friends and family were patient as I continuously described to them the growing ideas while developing my story.
Because of emotions surging wildly through me, I spent every free moment glued to my keyboard, translating the scenes and actions in my mind into words.  I am a very visual person.  Every day I sat at my desk, adjusted the headphones and listened to diverse music, isolating me from the outside world.  Ideas poured out of me faster than I could type them.  I’d write a chapter, send it to my friend, Joan, my personal writing coach and editor, thinking it was perfect until I received her suggestions.  I had much to learn, and still have a great deal to master in the art of writing, but could not have come this far without her pushing and instructing me.  There were days when I became discouraged, tired, and wondered, “What am I doing?”  Other days a buzz of energy filled me and I awakened in the middle of the night as ideas downloaded into my mind…I turned my bedside lamp on and jotted down descriptions in my notebook.  
When I say I’m going to do something, nothing deters me.  It was easy to lose focus, become sidetracked and consider starting a new project.  It’s not like I didn’t have a million other projects in the mix, but I knew that if I didn’t set daily goals, my dream of writing a book would dissolve. 
I suppose “The Light Warrior” has been smoldering inside me my entire life.  For years I have been telling my friends that I was going to write a book—hadn’t a clue what it would be about until that day when small sparks began igniting into flames of images and a story line within me.   
“The Light Warrior” clearly suggests that I, the author, believe there are aliens.  Sure, why not!  There are more truths yet to be revealed in this grand Universe and the majority on this planet believe that we are not alone.  My first objective was to point out that what is above repeats the same patterns below.  It’s time to expand our realities and realize our human potential.  Undeniably, evil exists in many different forms, based on personal interpretation, but what can an individual do about it?  We can’t wait for someone else to fix the problems.  It’s up to each of us to take responsibility and demonstrate our integrity, even when it makes us feel uncomfortable.  We all can see that the world is in crisis more then ever.  Now is the time to shine our Light!