Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Norwescon: Another Adventure Awaits

Just last October I learned about the world of Cons. It was a fun-filled weekend meeting new people, sharing information about my book and NIWA, a marketing independent book association. Today I prepare for my departure early tomorrow morning for Norwescon, a science fiction and fantasy convention up in Seattle. I still feel a little intimidated having only been to one other Con, but I’m a quick learner. The best part about a convention is meeting and talking to a wide range of people. And of course dressing up and having fun. I expect that Norwescon will be another adventure for me. Pictures will be posted on my website of all the great highlights. I will mainly be in the dealer’s room or out at the lobby table representing NIWA. I plan to attend several panels to expand my knowledge about writing and learning from the experts. Hope to see you, comment on my pictures or give me a shout out if you can’t make it. Sending out rays of Light.

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